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STM32F429ZI TIM2 timer compare + slave mode (reset)

Question asked by Alberto Petrucci on Dec 3, 2017

Hi to all the community.
I've some problems to configure the hardware timer TIM2 to manage a signal.


The signal is like that one:


In particular i'd like to reset the timer at each rise edge of the signal and than generate an interrupt (that will enable another interrupt that manage the signal data) only if its value is equal or grater than 2ms.

I think that I need the compare mode plus the slave mode (reset mode) but I've no example to start with.

I noted that at the beginning of the signal there is a 2ms enable than start the real datas.

In particular if the signal stay up for at least 300us it rapresents a logical 0;

instead if it remains high for at least 600us it rapresents a logical 1.

Thanks for any help!