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Off Topic: How do you prototype?

Question asked by john doe on Dec 2, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by mich.lei

After a hard day at work, I come home, crack open a beer, start dinner, and play with my micro controllers.  I am the very definition of a bit fumbling amateur.  This counts as fun for me.


So I'm building a clock radio that sets the time by itself, and is AM/FM/Long wave/Short wave/Weather band with RDBS decoding and SAME decoding [turns out to be a rather ambitious first project] and I'm making great headway.  I've learned to read a data sheet and implement what it is telling me so I can talk to chips and get coherent responses in return.  Yay!


I've worked on this project in different pieces, and prototyping using a breadboard and [I learned the hard way to use the good] DuPont wires.  I find that during debugging, often times, the wiring and the breadboard is the problem, not the hardware or the code.   How do you guys prototype anything more complicated than one peripheral and one chip?  The professionals here can't seriously be breadboarding like me...can you??



This is just the radio stuff.  The clock stuff is on another board.  If I even look at the board funny, the I2C goes south on me.  How do the pros do it?