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SPC5 Studio

Question asked by Kavitha K on Dec 4, 2017


We are planning to use SPC5 Studio as IDE for SPC56xP series microcontroller.
I would like to get information on the below points regarding the SPC5 Studio.
1. I understood that its free trial evaluation is available for 3 Months. I would like to know what shall be license cost after the 3 months trial period.
2. Please let me know how to get the Low Level Drivers with the SPC5 Studio.
3. I have also downloaded the SPC5-CRYP-LIB. Would like to know how to include it in SPC5 Studio to get the Library Code.
Let me know if any manuals available to understand the points 2 & 3.
Also would like to know if any NDA required to use SPC5-CRYP-LIB and SPC5 Studio.