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Question asked by Daniel Hassanian on Dec 2, 2017

in the HAL manual both implement the same


#define __HAL_GPIO_EXTI_CLEAR_IT (__EXT_LINE__)     (EXTI->PR=(__EXTI_LINE__))



what's the difference?

Also when using any of them the pending bit in the NVIC debug window in keil is not cleared, however it seems using Clear_IT actually works but still the pending bit in NVIC is not cleared.

NVIC Pending bit not cleared

what i'm trying to do is to wait for a pin to remain low for a specific time and then if the interrupt bit is not set during the time enable the EXTI interrupt.

I also tried using HAL_NVIC_ClearPendingIRQ but that didn't cleat the bit as well,


my board is the F1 Dicovery and using on board St link v1 .


can someone Please clarify on this , i'm very confused.