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CubeMX feature request

Question asked by Daniel Hassanian on Dec 2, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2017 by Daniel Hassanian


CubeMX is a good software but there are many things it's still missing, it'd be very neat to have these options implemented:


1- A Timer calculator similar to the external tool by mikroelectronika but for all MCUs and for all Timer modes.

for example i just want a timer to count a limited time(without interrupts) but i have to read the datasheet just for that.

it could be as simple as what we have for SPI clock or just more advanced to have all the option illustrated with a simple text(or GUI)


2- All peripherals could benefit a description section which can be modified inside CubeMX.(for example just to comment what that specific timer is used).


3- in Clock Configuration window it would be very nice to have the option to know which peripherals are connected to which APB bus. currently it shows some of them and for example for timers we need to read the datasheet.


4- datasheet specifies we can have peripheral to peripheral DMA requests , why don't we have that in CubeMX?


5- for FreeRTOS , it would be nice to have the option to choose the final generated code should use the cmsis port or just pure FreeRTOS functions.


Finally in the help menu there's a mistype. "Docs & Ressources" -> "Docs & Resources".