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ST-Link Utility : Mass flash erase fails, however erase bank 1 and 2 works

Question asked by Ali Mousavi on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Scott Lohr

I can connect to my MCU with the ST-Link Utility and ST-Link V2.  I can perform an erase of Bank 1 and Bank 2

(Target -> Erase Bank1).  I can perform an erase of all flash pages (Target -> Erase Sectors...).  


However, the st-link utility fails to perform a "flash erase" (Target -> Erase Chip), I get the message "Error occured during flash mass erase!"


I tried to perform a full flash erase with Keil UV5 with the same result: I get an error, however I am able to erase individual sectors or banks.


My setup:


ST-Link Utility (v4.1.0.0)

ST-Link V2 (V2.J28.S7)