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STM32L432 Nucleo-32 External Power

Question asked by heaton.john on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by heaton.john

I have developed a program that runs on the STM32L432 Nucleo-32. When I write the program to the demo board using the USB everything works great. When I remove the USB cable and connect 5V/GND to the board, L2 goes red but the program doesn't run (I have the green LED flash). If I plug the USB cable in after powering up the board, the program does start to run. If I run the exact same program on my STM32476 Nucleo-64, the program runs fine (power jumper JP5 set to E5V). There is no mention of additional settings in the manual or datasheet for the STM32432. Any thoughts on this issue? What is the difference in powering the two demo boards?