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Optical issues for use of VL53L0X ToF sensor

Question asked by Mike Wirth on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Mike Wirth

I would like to use the VL53L0X to determine the position of a linear position actuator (i.e., a device long and thin relative to its width).  Therefore, I would like to restrict the effective field of view of the VL53L0X from the 25º exclusion zone specified in the user guide to a narrower beam.


Would it work to put an opaque tube along the optical axis, with an absorbing coating on the inside?  Together with a small, but highly reflective target (e.g., reflective tape used for reflective signs)?  Other suggestions?


Can you provide any additional guidelines for optical configurations for the device, e.g., collimating optics?


Also, for the stated accuracy (e.g., 3% for high accuracy measurements), does that represent jitter in measurements at a fixed position (i.e., irreducible error).  Or is it an absolute error measurement, with somewhat better reproducibility?


Thanks for any info.  It's a neat device and I want to explore its usage for a variety of scenarios.