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VL53L0X, 2mA current consumption when GPIO1 - INTERRUPT is configured

Question asked by j i on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by john kvam



We have integrated a VL53L0X TOF sensor, and we are getting very surprised when measuring current consumption.

In the datasheet there is no mention to current consumption when GPIO1 is configured to interrupt.


We are using the sensor in Continuous Timed Ranging, and we want to be interrupted in the CPU when a threshold is passed.


We have tested the device in CONTINUOUS TIMED and with INTERRUPT_OFF, and the current consumption is OK: just few uA when not measuring (inter-measurement period), and 15-20mA during measurement (about 33ms).


But when we configure INTERRUPT to any value different from OFF, then the inter-measurement current consumption raises up to 2mA approx. Nothing is stated in ST application notes or datahseets about this.


Pins and pull-ups are configured as suggested in the datasheet.


Can someone from ST confirm whether this 2mA consumption is OK or not for the interrupt?