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UART access on SPC570S-DISP board

Question asked by Job Shen on Nov 30, 2017
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I need to use UART to send data from the SPC570S-DISP to a different board, looking at the UM2025 User Manual for the SPC570S-DISP: Discovery + Evaluation Board, section 2.9 LINFlex and UART, it says the LINFlex supports LIN Master mode, LIN slave mode and UART mode, but not much detail information there.

So, what are the PINs i can use for the UART? I expect to find 3 PINs for TX/RX/GND, but for TX alone, there are TX, TXD, K TXD, LIN_TXD. Also is there any jumper to configure for the UART mode?

Besides the UM2025, is there any other document that offer more detailed information about the SPC570S-DISP board? Sorry for being new to the board and lack some of the basic knowledge.


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