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LIS3DH Best Practice for Operation

Question asked by Aaron Derbyshire on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Aaron Derbyshire

I am currently using the LIS3DH to obtain some acceleration data. Currently my mode of operation is to first initialise the device in Bypass mode and to configure the remainder of the parameters, then when required the device is re-configured into FIFO mode where I poll the DRDY signal until my total number of samples have been taken, then I put the device back into Bypass mode.

I have noticed that when I follow the above process for a single read and then return at some point later to perform another single read I obtain a repeated value. This has led me to re-evaluate my method of operation.

Going back to AN3308 I have noticed that I can instead switch the power mode to power down. This brings about the following, if I am using the I1_ZYXDA bit (which is supposed to be set before configuring the ODR) to set the DRDY signal should I be disabling FIFO_EN (CTRL_REG5) prior to powering the device down?


Is there a better way to go about achieving my desired functionality?

Thanks in advance!