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STM8AF Bootloader UART write memory

Question asked by Alexandre Picard on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Erwan Y

I'm currently programming a bootloader for my project. I work on a STM8AF board and I have a problem with the write memory command.

I follow each instruction in the UM0560 user manual. My problem appears at the end of the sequence, I never receive the last ACK or NACK.

Example (I use the UART peripheral) :
-I send my first byte 0x31 and 0xCE his complement.
-The device answer with ACK (0x79).
-I send the address 0x00 00 80 00 and the checksum 0x80.
-The device answer with ACK.
-I send the number of bytes, the data 0x01 0x53 and the checksum 0x52
And here the device stop answering here


I check in ST Visual Programmer, the ROP byte is disable and the data is never written.


Attached, my trace in Hercules and the sequence in UM0560 user manual.