Gerardo Gallucci

SPWF04Sx FW1.1.0 now online!

Discussion created by Gerardo Gallucci Employee on Nov 30, 2017

Dear community,

FW1.1.0 for SPWF04Sx series of Wi-Fi modules has been released! Please update your SPWF04Sx devices, so you can have the access to new features and fix for bugs and vulnerabilities. Link here.

This is a list of new delivered features:

  • WPA2 security in miniAP mode
  • ECDH and ECDSA algorithms for TLS key exchange (ECC)
  • MicroPython classes for TFTP, HTTP, SMTP, MQTT and WebSocket clients
  • AT+S.FSM command for filesystem mount
  • ramdisk_memsize configuration variable to set the length of RAM_disk
  • 2 new GPIOs, 19 and 20, from module's bottom
  • another PWM instance
  • increased webserver capability, now able to support up to 4 parallel HTTP Post request
  • support for 8MB SPI flash from Macronix


Moreover, WPA2 vulnerability has been fixed. This is a list of others fixes:

  • garbage collector in microPython environment
  • SPI management, including chip select, frame header, and CrLf removal from asynchronous events
  • watchdog coming from AT+S.INPUTSSI command
  • mixing output_demo WIND:57 with others synchronous (AT-S.event) events
  • duplicated character at the end of MQTT WIND:86
  • memory leak in AT+S.FSP command
  • PWM reload


A few changes in backward compatibility have been introduced:

  • WIND:29 in miniAP now adds STA MAC address
  • PWM command now needs an ID, since a new instance has been added
  • give an higher priority to SDCard, rather than RAM disk, when no path is specified
  • SPI management of synchronous (AT-S.event) events now takes care of console_verbose configuration variable (set this variable to 0 to ensure fully compatibility with FW1.0.0)

Some bugs were found and raised also into this forum, so, thanks to you guys!


Last but not least, WIFI1 package FW3.1.0 for X-NUCLEO-IDW04A1 Wi-Fi shield has been released too. It adds MQTT, TFTP, Websocket and SMTP management. Link here.

For STM32+SPI users, please be sure to use FW3.1.0 of WIFI1 with FW1.1.0 of SPWF04.