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Is there sample application available for SPC570S-DISP?

Question asked by Job Shen on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Job Shen



We have the SPC570S-DISP board which has the SPC570S50E1 MCU. The SPC5Studio Import application Wizard only has SPC570S50L1DISP for the SPC57 S-Line.


After import application such as SPC570Sxx_RLA SERIAL Test Application for Discovery, generate and compile it, run the PLS UDE debug, there is nothing printed on the console (the 2nd COM port), and the UDE STK 4.8 gives warning "Core0::PowerPcInstr PowerPC mode is different between target and pattern, VLE mode is forced". 



1. How to get sample code for the SPC570S-DISP with SPC570S50E1 MCU?

2. The console issue, was it because the code was generated for SPC570S50L1 MCU so it doesn't work properly on the SPC570S50E1?


Thanks for any help.