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Component selection for a 48VDC/40A BLDC

Question asked by Electric Forest on Nov 29, 2017



As mentioned, input voltage is 48VDC and there is up to 40A available. I would like to be able use all this to drive our motor (custom IPM). I am free to design the driver board with 3-shunt current sensing and voltage sensing. There will be a position sensor. (I hope not to need this position sensor, but for now I have it to make sure there is enough torque at startup). I want to run FOC in torque mode. PWM frequency just outside audible range.


For the gate driver I have found DRV832x and for the mosfets I have found CSD88599Q5DC (half-bridge).

- Am I overestimating how much power these mosfets can deliver?

- Any other device suggestions?

- Any reason these should be hard to use with ST's FOC uC and SW?


Which microcontroller should I choose? STM32F303 something? The microcontroller won't do anything else than driving this motor.


Is there any way I could drive 3 independent motors from the same microcontroller? I can only find single and dual solutions, so if triple doesn't exist I will most likely choose 3 single drivers over a dual and a single