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Can the BlueNRG-1 be put into SLEEPMODE_WAKETIMER when the BLE stack is idle?

Question asked by gardner.david on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by gardner.david

I'm measuring ~1.7mA @ 3V in SLEEPMODE_CPU_HALT and SLEEPMODE_WAKETIMER modes.


This is with all peripherals disabled except NVM and SYS_CONTROL.


The datasheet indicates:

Sleep mode: 32 kHz XO ON (24 KB retention RAM)  ------- 0.9 uA typ

Active mode: CPU, Flash and RAM on                       ------- 1.9 mA typ


I expected halting the CPU to result in a much lower current draw than "Active mode", however it seems to be pretty much the same and to be the same as SLEEPMODE_WAKETIMER.


I measure an expected <20 uA in SLEEPMODE_NOTIMER.


Appreciate any help,