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How to capture a signal coming from a 433MHz receiver using a STM32F103 ?

Question asked by Pierre Brico on Nov 27, 2017
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I'm quite new in the wonderful world of STM32. I have a personal project where I would like to simulate a Somfy remote emitter/receiver. If I connect the receiver to my logic analyzer, I can see the signal. The protocol has been reverse engineered so it's not the problem to understand it.

My question is: "what's the best way to capture the signal coming from the receiver" ? I've read the STM32 documentation about TIMER feature but I'm not sure it's the more efficient way to proceed.

One the signal is captured, how can I emit it ? Using TIMER again ?

I've looked for simple code which records and plays back a signal but I didn't find anything for the STM32...





PS: Just in case, I've attached a capture of the signal I want to process. Here is the description:

Somfy Smoove Origin RTS Protocol | PushStack