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USB FS device, MSC with more than one LUN, Windows: weird problem

Question asked by Eugene Solo on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Eugene Solo

I've successfully implemented MSC device on USB FS port, it works perfectly under Windows (7 and XP) and Linux (Ubuntu 16)...


...but only if MaxLun is 0.


I've implemented 3 independent storage devices (actually, all of them are RAM-drives, for debugging purposes; just with slightly different capacity), modified some functions, modified USB BOT handler so it could track status for each LUN independently. Under Linux, I've achieved write speed about 1MB/s with some code optimizations. I've tested all LUNs under linux by formatting/writing/copying files, by playback of MP3 and video; i've copied data from system disk to ramdrive and between ramdrives, in each possible combination.


In my debugging console I see INQUIRY requests for each LUN when device is connected to Linux host (it asks for maxlun and then sends INQUIRY to each of them). I see how Linux host poking each LUN for ready flag. But Windows hosts asks only LUN0 and never asks others, never tests them for anything.


I've found (by googling) that it may be problem with Device Serial number, but I have correct device descriptor with correct serial number : twelve utf16 chars, "000000000001".


I guess, it may be problem with the Windows host itself, but I don't know how to diagnose it. More than that, i have cardreader device with 4 LUNs and it works perfectly under same windows host!


Any ideas?