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How do I configure and load the STNRGPF01?

Question asked by Gonzalo Carrasco on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by Giovanni Bassi


I have recently bought a STEVAL-IPFC01P1, to evaluate de STNRGPF01 controller.


Besides some issues with the power stage, I still wonder how can I configure the hex code into the chip.

In the datasheet it is mentioned that it is needed a STNRG Loader along with the eDesign suite.


Is there a manual or webpage with detailed steps to configure this device? I mean, what hardware conection is necesary, where to download the Loader, and whether there is an eDesign suite downloadable to work offline with the STNRGPF01.

If I wanted to design a new power converter I see no way to configure and load the divice yet. I have looked for information in the ST web, but there is no clear enough information.