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stm32f373 SDADC simultaneous continuous sampling

Question asked by ryabov.alexander on Nov 27, 2017


i'm going to read SDADC1, SDADC2, SDADC3 (stm32f373) in continuous mode with DMA,

Setup: Regular conversion, multimode disable,

software start for SDADC1, Synchronous trigger for SDADC2, SDADC3.

Each SDADC confugured for 1 diff channel.


multimode is disabled because it cannot be used for all three SDADCs, so

the HAL functions HAL_SDADC_ConvHalfCpltCallback and HAL_SDADC_ConvCpltCallback

will be called separatly for each SDADC,


Which SDADC will call the HAL function in the last place? So i can read stored by DMA data for all three SDADCs?