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How to connect several USB devices to STM32 as host?

Question asked by pavel a on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by pavel a

I have a design with a STM32F446ZC acting as USB host only, and need to attach at least two low speed HID devices (kbd, mouse). 

On the schema, one HID device is connected to PA9, 11, 12. The Cube agrees to this.

Another device is wired to B13,14,15. Cube says these pins work in High Speed mode. 


Will a low or full speed device work with STM32 in HS host mode?  If the controller is set into HS mode, will it support two low/full speed devices?


What if I'll need three devices, or a hub - is this supported?


Thanks in advance,

-- pa