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Infrared Receiver Modules vs Receiver Sensors with STM32L4

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Nov 27, 2017

Greeting community,


AN4834 - Implementation of trans.....STM32Cube, mentions, in order to implement an infrared receiver, a receiver module from Vishay such as TSOP34836 are used where the demodulated output of the module is an input to the mcu general purpose timer.


Now, receiver modules like TSOP34836 only work at specific modulation frequencies such as 38kHz or 36kHz and etc. Our purpose is to build a universal solution so instead of receiver modules, we plan to use sensor modules such as TSMP58000 which output  the modulated IR signal, i.e. the carrier.


This brings us to my question; when using a sensor module instead of a receiver, where I will be receiving IR in modulation, is the method mentioned in AN4834 still valid? Can I use the general purpose timer to both demodulate and decode the IR signal? Is there a different method to do this?


As of now, I am considering this at hardware level. So if connecting the modulated IR input to a GP timer pin is all it takes at hardware level, this is all the information I need for now


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