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Need minimalistic example to get STM32 in 48 - pin Package to work.

Question asked by Oliver R. on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Oliver R.

I can't get a STM32 in 48 - pin Package to work. I need a minimal working reference.

I have a STM32F042K6T6, It works fine, no problems, when I am using it on a breakout board:

STM32F042K6T6 breakout board

Reset pin voltage goes to VDD level, Debugger works, I have a firmware project with Display, External ADC, etc, everything works.

It is LQFP 32. I need more I/O's, so I decided to switch to a 48 pin device.

I picked an STM32L443CCT6 for that, and also because I want the FPU of the M4 and the low power features.

So this is a breakout board I prepared for that:

STM32L443CCT6 breakout board


Problem is: I can't get it up and running.

I tried several times with different types of 64 pin STM32 devices.

The Reset pin voltage stays at VSS level.


I connected it as follows:

pin 7: 100 nF cap to GND (reset pin)

pin 8, 23, 35 and 47: GND

pin 9, 24, 48: VDD = 3V3

pin 44: 10 K resistor to GND (BOOT0 pin)

I also added a 10 uF cap between pin 23 and 24, and two 100nF caps between pins 8/9 and 47/48 (soldered on the bottom side)


Can anyone help ?

Maybe provide a working minimalistic connection exaple for a 48 pin STM32, if possible for the L443CCT6 ?

Maybe the problem is something else, maybe because it is a fresh device and the system clocks are not set correctly ?

Or does anyone know a better breakout board or a minimalistic reference board other than nucleo, i.e. no extra components ?

Or anything else maybe.

BTW I use an ST-link V2 with 4 wire: GND, VDD, SWDIO and SWCLK connected. On the STM32F042K6T6 is works fine, no problems.

I also have nucleo boards with F042K6T6 and L452RET6. None of them, howwever, use a 48 pin device.