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PMSM FOC lib for torque controlled system from 0rpm

Question asked by klimavicius.laur.001 on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by Gigi

I would like to inquire about STM PMSM FOC library use in case of application where controlled motor is in stand still in most cases and from that point it have to be able to spin at variable torque (in terms of direction and value). So if I understand correctly I would need to control motor without spin-up sequence. Is it possible too achieve that with FOC lib or do I need to make my own control algorithm for such case.
Planned system will have 12V 2-4A PMSM motor, 3 current shunt sensors and HALL detectors (for end application HALL detectors should be used only to start spinning).

As system it is required that:
1. Motor would start from 0rpm and always run controlled by torque until full stop,
2. Avoid torque ripples as much as possible,
3. Minimize motor noise.

Thank you in advance,