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STM32F746 for dsp audio effects

Question asked by freakk.freakk on Nov 25, 2017

Hello everyone,

a while ago I started looking into the STM32746 to test some DSP audio effects, but I don't have much experience with STM32 MCUs. I mainly had issues with sdram access (see this question) but I never solved them.


I kind of gave up the idea, but now the draft (for SystemWorkbench) is downloadable from

It's based mainly on this project for real time audio in/out and this one for the GUI.


So far the 2 main issues are:

  • at line 117 of /Example/User/delay.c , the loop counter should reach AUDIO_BLOCK_LENGTH, but any value over AUDIO_BLOCK_LENGTH * 0.5 triggers noise that looks like oscillation
  • in STM32F746NGHx_FLASH.ld I tried setting up a section .sdram, but if I try to declare the audio buffers using the section, there's a lot of distortion.


If anyone wants to take a look and share any opinions, bugs and insights, it would be much appreciated and maybe could be useful to others who would like to test their audio algorithms on this MCU.