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ST Link Utility : the elf loader is bigger than the ram size

Question asked by Thomas Lotz on Nov 24, 2017
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When I try to erase chip (STM32L011F4U6) with ST Link utility, it do not works and I get the message "the elf loader is bigger than the ram size", see the enclosed picture.


I use the ST Link side of a NUCLEO-L053R8 board connected to a cutom board with the STM32L011F4U6.

St link connection is ok, and I'm able to read the device memory, so the hardware SWD connection seems to work well.


FYI : when I try to debug the STM32L011F4U6 from the development environment System Workbench for STM32, it does not work either.


I hope you can help me find a solution

Thanks !