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Failing to write to SD card on SensorTile.

Question asked by Armen Levonian on Nov 23, 2017

I am using the DataLog application to try to write to the SD card on the SensorTile. I have configured main.c:

LogInterface_TypeDef LoggingInterface = SDCARD_Datalog;

...changed from the default ...= USB_Datalog


In debugging the problem, I can see that in DATALOG_SD_Init...

The "f_mount(&SDFatFs, (TCHAR const*)SDPath, 0)" fails (not equal to FR_OK).


After calling FATFS_LinkDriver(&SD_Driver, SDPath): which returns 0 (success)

SDPath = "0:/"

I am using the latest firmware:

V2.J29.M18 STM32 Debug+Mass storage


I have a 2GB Micro SD card in the SensorTile cradle.


Is anyone else having issues with this?



UPDATE: OK I have the problem solved. I replaced the 2GB SD card with a new 16GB SD card, the the DataLog app is now logging to the SD card. It seems older smaller cards are not supported.