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Hardware design with LSM303AGR, LSM6DSL, HTS221 and LPS22HB

Question asked by imasd imasd on Nov 24, 2017

Hi, we are using your expansion board X-NUCLEO-KS01A2 with motion MEMS with the Nucleo STM32F401.

We see in the schematic of the board X-NUCLEO-KS01A2 that the supply voltage of the four sensor is Vdd=1,8V.

To adapt the voltages from the sensors to the microcontroller you use two level translator ST2378E.

We are doing the hardware design with the four sensor (LSM303AGR, LSM6DSL, HTS221 and LPS22HB) and the microcontroller STM32F40re. We see in the sensors datasheet that it is possible to use Vdd=3,3V for all of them. It is in the operating range for Vdd and Vdd_IO.

Our question is whether it is possible to do a hardware design without the level translator ST2378E. We supply the sensors with 3,3V and connect the signals directly to the microcontroller that it is supplied with 3,3V.

We attach the schematic of the board X-NUCLEO-KS01A2.