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Bug in CUBEMX leading to problems in IAR?

Question asked by dieter 123 on Nov 23, 2017

Hi @Oussema Hajjem


after some time CUBEMX brings in trouble in an IAR project in a way that "go to definition of variables or functions" no longer works. CPU usage of IAR keeps growing and growing. 


Can you reproduce this?

1. generate any project with cube

2. Add you own user files AND directories

3. add some timers or what ever in cube

4. regenerate project

5. loop steps 2-4 couple of times

6.the following feature is broken in IAR ->  "go to definition of " variables or functions. This feature  in IAR becomes in stable. 99% of the time it will be broken.

When I look at ewd/ewp files of IAR, with every CUBE MX generation the file grows. Why does CUBE

keep adding  <state></state>?

Basically ewp files grows in content for no reason!



1. delete EWP/EWD files.

2. Regenerate project with cube.

3. add user files, user inculde directories , and all your changes to the compiler which you hopefully remember ;-)

4. "go to definition of " works again