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STM32L073CZT6 : PC13 needs to be connected to the ground

Question asked by Aurélien f on Nov 23, 2017



I'm facing something strange and i want to know if i'm doing something wrong or not regarding my workaround. Indeed, i have noticed that i needed to connect PC13 (pin 2) of my 48 pin MCU to the ground if i want to reach power consumption of the nucleo-l073 board (that is a 64 pin package : STM32L073RZT6U). On nucleo board, this pin is not connected to the ground. On my custom board, if i don't connect PC13 to the ground, my consumption is around 20uA (and is very instable) whereas it should be around 3uA.


It is not indicated in the datasheet that this pin should be connected to the ground, so i was wondering if i missed something somewhere else.


I attached PCB and schematics files, feel free to comment if you have any ideas.


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