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Ethernet with TouchGFX and LwIP on STM32F769I

Question asked by Jean Berthelot on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by Jean Berthelot

Hi community.


I've been trying now for a month to implement an UDP ethernet connexion with the STM32F769I-DISCOVERY with LwIP using TouchGFX without freeRTOS.

I already managed to add the middleware in my TouchGFX project, then I almost entirely copy/pasted exemple ethernetif.c code from CubeMX projects. I implemented a small UDP echo server in the project but I am not able to detect my board on the PC. I've been trying maany things to fix the code but there is not much documentation on internet about using ethernet with Tgfx.

Has anyone already managed to do that ? For example in order to compile LwIP I had to put all the *.h files in an include directory that I think may have changed the behavior of the code. Does anyone has any advice please ? Do not hesitate asking for details because I'm so lost that I don't really know what part of the code would help you...


Best regards