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Debug not working in SPC5Studio 5.6.0

Question asked by Job Shen on Nov 23, 2017
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I have the SPC570S-DISP Evalution board which connect to my Windows 7 deskstop. Following the instructions from the "PLS Debugger Installation driver on SPC560X Discovery board" comes in the SPC5Studio software, installed FTDI driver, and 2 COM ports appears, using Putty connect to these 2 ports with 38400 bps, it gets nothing from the terminal.

Is this expected or something wrong? The board is out of box without being reprogrammed. My board is SPC570S, but the instruction i could find is for SPC560X (wish i could find SPC570X documentation).


Using import wizard imported the SPC570SXX_RLA SERIAL Test Application for discovery, i generated application and built, following the instruction from HOWTO : Use Integrated Debugger for SPC5Studio  it failed on step 4 Flash and debug your application, My SPC5Studio has a "Common task" tab not the "Activity Wizard" shown in the instruction, noticed my "Execute and debug your application" is grey, click it or click the green bug icon nothing would happen.

I don't know how to proceed from here, kind stuck.

Any help is appreciated.


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