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RTC Standby Wakeup

Discussion created by Shreedhar Kandimath on Nov 22, 2017
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Hello Team.

It's Shreedhar from Robert Bosch.

I'm using SPC58EC80 microcontroller ,i want to program RTC module in standby mode such that it will wake after 5 hours . i'm facing problem to loading  RTCVAL in RTCC register. So can anyone help me how/what should i load in RTCVAL register such that i achive 5 hours.



in above RTC/API block diagram i selected RTC wakeup way.

For this i written below code to achive this.

But I'm facing problem while loading data.



   WKPU.WRER.R |= WKPU_LINE_1; // Wakeup Request Enabled
    WKPU.WIREER.R |= WKPU_LINE_1; // Rising Edge Event Enabled




    RTC_API.RTCSUPV.R = 0x00;


    RTC_API.RTCC.B.CLKSEL |= 0x01;
    RTC_API.RTCS.R = 0x00000000;


    RTC_API.RTCVAL.R = 0x000003E8; ???????