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Using X-CCA02M1 board,How can I get the accuracy in AcousticSL two mic. configuration ?

Question asked by Emre Ozkan on Nov 21, 2017

Hi everyone,


I am using Nucleo f401-Re board with X-Nucleo-CCA02M1 board. I am experiencing with the sample Acoustic Sound Location code. I successfully uploaded and experienced with 4 microphone configuration. Now I am trying to work with 2 channel in 180 degree configuration. However, the angles are not accurate as much as 4 microphone configuration. Is there any suggestion about it? I changed the channel number in here : libSoundSourceLoc_Handler_Instance.channel_number = 2;    and also here :  libSoundSourceLoc_Handler_Instance.ptr_M1_channels = 2;
libSoundSourceLoc_Handler_Instance.ptr_M2_channels = 2;
libSoundSourceLoc_Handler_Instance.ptr_M3_channels = 2;
libSoundSourceLoc_Handler_Instance.ptr_M4_channels = 2;

If I choose 0 for M3 and M4 channels the system does not give any angles so I am working with these configuration but the angles are not accurate. 


Looking forward to hearing something from you guys.


Thank you in advance,