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SPC5Studio 5.6.0 is available

Discussion created by Erwan Y Employee on Nov 21, 2017
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Dear All ,


SPC5Studio 5.6.0 is available


*** Highlights ***


Here are the changes coming with SPC5Studio v5.6
For Mass Market:
-Integrated development Environment
C/C++ Development Tooling 9.2.1
Activity wizard refactoring
PLS eclipse plugin integration

Velvety MCU wizard
K2 RLA clocktree

SWT for Pictus
PWM driver
I2C for 57
Bernina starter kit (no wizard)
SARADC: K2, Bernina, Lavaredo
MCAN: K2, Lavaredo, Sphareo
EFI board support 

- minor bugs fixing

For Selected Customers:
Pinmap wizard Chorus10M BGA386
New SIUL 2 MGT: Chorus 1M and 10M

I2C for 58
SARADC for Chorus 4M and 6M
FLASH for Chorus 4M and 6M
MCAN: Chorus 1M and 6M
Safety for Chorus 4M: FCCU and CRC
Chorus 4M 176 pins code generation support


                            Best regards