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CubeMX Issues and Suggestions

Question asked by Chris Jameson-Groves on Nov 21, 2017

I am really enjoying this application to get things started, but have found a few issues as follows:



>> When you configure I2C and generate the code the i2c.h files includes an extern reference to the I2C_HandleTypeDef handle. However if you configurate it for use with DMA the dma.h file does NOT include references to the tx & rx DMA_HandleTypeDef handles (in fact you get a build error saying its unknown).

I have manually solved this by adding these externs to the dma.h file.

>> When a new project is created, and the Project -> Settings... have been setup. If you wish to change the Project name or location you cannot as the Project Settings fields are then disabled.



>> As suggested in a previous post using the Stacking Pin option should generate seperate initalise functions for the stacked peripherals which can be called to switch the pin(s) use.

>> It would be nice if the Toolchain/IDE setting was saved as your preferance for all future projects (until you change it again).

>> Be default doesn't it make more sense that the option 'Copy only the necessary library files' is selected within Project > Settings > Code Generator? Instead of the current default option 'Copy all libraries into the project folder' which just bloats the code.

>> The icons used to indiate that Peripherals are either only partically available or not available at all (the Yellow exclaimation and Red cross) are very misleading as your first instinct is to think that as a user we have broken something. Instead why not just disable/ grey out the peripherals/options which are no longer available?

>> The comment tags within the generated code where the user is meant to put their own code is confusing and messy. It would be nice if this had a big overhaul to make it more user friendly.


Many thanks