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Is it possible to make a transparent bridge with SPWF04?

Question asked by Pascal Zosso on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Gerardo Gallucci



I know my question is simple but the answer, I think, is not as simple.


Here is my use case: 

I would like to exchange a small amount of data between a PC (client) and a remote device (server) quickly and often

The PC role is to

- open a TCP connection to the server socket

- start and stop application exchange

- process the data.

The remote device role is to

- provide Wifi AP

- listen to a socket server

- execute the command send by the PC

- send data periodically


I'm okay to create a server socket, use SPI protocole, and send data between them BUT I find very annoying the WIND notifications system to know there is pending data.


Is it possible to disable the WIND notifications (with the WIND mask) and to use the IRQ line to signal only when application data have been received on the socket server? 


My dream would be : once the initialisation is over, to disable the notification and only use write and read socket  command to manage the application data (a transparent bridge mode as I said)


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