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STM32H7 vs. STM32L4+ prices discrepancy

Question asked by mendes.ari.001 on Nov 20, 2017


   I wonder why the STM32H7 distribuitors prices are so much higher than ST prices for 10K units compared to others STM32 devices. Ex:

  STM32L4R7VIT6   ST price for 10K = U$7.80     and Distribuitors minimum price for 500 units = U$ 9.10.


  STM32H743VIT7  ST price for 10K = U$ 9.83    and Distribuitors minimum price for 500 units = U$ 15.65.


   STM32H7 prices are in average 59.2% higher in the distribuitors than announced by the ST.

   And others STM32, including the newer STM32L4+, the prices are only 16% higher.