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SPC57 SWT Issue

Question asked by david tomsa on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by david tomsa

Hi guys,


i want to use the swt.


My Init Code: 

SWT.SR.R = 0xC520;
SWT.SR.R = 0xD928;


while (SWT.CR.B.SLK == 0x1);

SWT.TO.R = 0x0F42400;
SWT.CR.R = 0xFF00014F;

My Service Sequence:

SWT.SR.B.WSC = 0xA602;
SWT.SR.B.WSC = 0xB480;

For Testing, I service the Watchdog an stop servicing after 10 second. My Problem is, that the WD don't reset the System.

When I use the Debugger, i can see that the SWT_CO stands still.


Can anyone help me?