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STM32L0 TSC Analog Switch

Question asked by Diego Ballen on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by Diego Ballen

Hello everyone,


I was researching about the TSC (Touch Sensing Controller) of my Board Nucleo L053R8 and I found that there it has  something called "the analog switch".


The TSC is composed of several groups. Each group is composed of 4 I/Os being one of them dedicated for one  reference capacitor (Cs) while the other 3 are dedicated for connecting capacitive buttons. What I suspect is that one analog switch belong to one group, and it can be used to connect internally the I/Os of a group.


Does anyone have experience with this topic? any code example? Mi goal is to connect internally and programatically two I/Os for certain time and after separate them.


Thank you all. Any help is highly appreciated.


Best regards,


Diego Ballen