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SPI doesn't transmit any data

Question asked by XJ Q on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by XJ Q

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to verify wether my SPI transmits data or not, based on the SPI simulink demo project which is provided by STM32 MAT/TARGET.


Since my borad is STM32F4 Discovery Board, which is different from the demo board, so I've just made the following modifications:

1) Reconfigurating the ioc file: Setting target board as STM32F4 Discovery Board and enabling SPI1 as Full-Duplex master with Hardware NSS Signal disabled.

2) Deleting USART block in the Simulink model, because I don't want to moniter signals via USART.


After downloading code to the board, I use STMStudio to moniter the output signal "NbSent" of the block SPI as shown below. However, its value stays alway 0. It indicates that the SPI doesn't send any data!


Do you have any idea about this Problem?


Thank you!