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SPBT3.0DP Firmware Feature Request

Question asked by Alexander Novikov on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by Andrea Cucchi


I am trying to contact someone from ST developers who is responsible for writing SPBT3.0 data package firmware. There are two features that could be very great to add:

1) SPBT3 Module to transmit BREAK character over UART to MCU when it switches from bypass mode to command mode by itself. I.e. when connection is broken by remote device over bluetooth (unexpectedly). It allows host MCU to monitor link status without using additional input pin (link active) and handle UART traffic appropriatelly.Break character is easily designated from normal characters on the host MCU side. This feature could be activated by some additional configuration variable.

2) Customized SDP record to hide SPP profile. This is great for designs that do not use COM port API on Windows etc, but use Pairing/RFCOMM connection API directly. We use this approach on Windows/Android and it is greatly compatible over many stacks (MS, Toshiba, Widcomm, Bluesoeil etc). This requires much more coding, but for the end user there is no hassle with manual connection establishment, pairing, no COM port conflicts, no COM port driver setup etc.


For now we evaluating SPBT3 modules to replace obsolete LMX98xx modules, that we used for many years. 


Is it possible to implement these features? If yes, what is estimated timeframe?