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My custom pcb cannot reach the power specifications of the nucleo

Question asked by Aurélien f on Nov 16, 2017
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On my nucleo-l073 board, my software can run in stop mode and consumes only 3uA. I decided to make my own PCB but i can't figure out why the consumption can't reach 3uA. Actually, i'm running around 25uA with the same software. I'm using a stencil and a reflow oven to solder the components (T-962) and the solder paste is a Sn63 Pb37. I'm making the pcb by PCBway and i take the cheapest quality (5$ for 10 pieces : TG 130-140 (i don't what it means)), do you think it could come from that ?

I have also noticed when i put my finger directly on the stm32, consumption often decreases.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share

Thank you in advance.


Edit : I join in attached file my schematic and my PCB (the ground planes are not displayed)


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