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STM32F437-How to use 4KB backup SRAM as EEPROM?

Question asked by Srujan G L on Nov 16, 2017

Hi guys, 

            I'm using STM32F437IIH6 MCU, it has a 4KB backup SRAM which can be used as EEPROM like memory,

In order to achieve this we need to have a battery (3.3V coin battery) connected to the Vbat pin of the MCU.


I had worked on STM32F40-GEval board(STM32F407 MCU) and was successful in retaining the data in backup SRAM even after powering down the Eval board.


I designed a custom board with STM32F437 and inplemented the same(Battery connection to Vbat pin and all), but was unsuccessful in retaining the memory.

The data write was successful but the moment i switched off the MCU the data was gone.

where am i going wrong?


Thank You