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Use STM32Cube HAL as dependency for my own module

Question asked by Omar Suárez on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Clive One

Hi everyone,


I am developping some modules in C and ithey need to use some structures and functions from the HAL Cube. I have include the "stm32f7xx_hal.h" inside the ".h" file of my module but the Keil compiler throw me some undefined errors.

In fact al the undefined variables are from the HAL so I guess I am not including the correct ".h" file or the way of use the HAL as dependency is different.

This is a chunk of my code :


#ifndef __COMM_MODULE_H
#define __COMM_MODULE_H

#include <stdint.h>
#include "stm32f7xx_hal.h"




extern UART_HandleTypeDef huart3;
extern UART_HandleTypeDef huart6;

extern uint8_t rxBuffer[RXBUFFERSIZE];
extern uint8_t txBuffer[TXBUFFERSIZE];
extern volatile ITStatus Uart6Ready;
extern volatile ITStatus Uart3Ready;

extern void open_BT(void);
extern void open_USB(void);
extern void close_BT(void);
extern void close_USB(void);
extern void write_BT(uint8_t* txBuff, uint8_t size);
extern void write_USB(uint8_t* txBuff, uint8_t size);
extern void read_BT(uint8_t* rxBuff, uint8_t size);
extern void read_USB(uint8_t* rxBuff, uint8_t size);







The compiler then shows that the undefined variables are:

   + UART_HandleTypeDef

   + ITStatus


What is the correct way of using the HAL inside my own module as dependency?


Thanks in advanced,