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Regarding IAP internal flash switching

Question asked by v.ramasubbu on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Clive One

Hello all,


I am using stm32f407 microcontroller for my application. 




I have chosen 1 Megabyte flash memory chip, i will separate this into two 512 kb regions.One region will be having my running application,another region will be used to write the the downloaded application from uart ( IAP).

first region address range will be (0x08000000 - 0x0807FFFF)

second region address range will be (0x08080000 - 0x080F FFFF)


how to to switch the booting address from one region to another region

What are the things i have consider to do this


For this is it necessary to relocate the vector table