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Component lib/* files do not update in project after SPC5 Studio update

Question asked by Tamas Kleiber on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by Tamas Kleiber

Dear All,

 it seems that SPC5 Studio 5.x fails to update static source files in existing projects after SPC5 Studio plug-in updates.


When the project configuration is generated for the first time the IDE copies static source files from component lib folders into the workspace (e.g. is copied once to workspace/Test Application for Discovery/components/spc5xxx_irq_component_rla/lib/src/irq.c).


After a recent SPC5 Studio update the static source files changed in the updated eclipse plug-ins and on code generation those files were not copied again into the project folder. The auto generated clean command does not remove the components folder from within the project's workspace folder either. This resulted in an inconsistency between lib files and configuration files.


If the components folder is deleted within the project by hand the SPC5 Patcher tool throws an exception in the background saying failed to patch now non-existing deleted files... the SPC5 builder tried an auto update on file system on-change event.


After regenerating the project the static source files are updated finally as expected, but the patch.xml references now invalid patch entries and patching fails for the source files that were modified by the SPC5 Studio as well as the users.


Is there any guideline on how to handle component updates within SPC5 Studio? As of now it seems that this use case is not really considered in the IDE infrastructure. Is there a better way to synchronize components' static lib files within projects compared to simply deleting the entire folder and hope for the best?


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