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STM32F746 Discovery UART RTX/CMSIS - i will pay for the code

Question asked by grozea.ion on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by grozea.ion

Hello all,

Because so far i have failed to produce any code that will display on the screen the messages received from an XBEE and also to send back a message to XBEE in API mode, i am asking for support but this time i will pay for the code.


So .. the requirements are as follows:

1. Xbee sends a variable length message to a second XBEE connected to Discovery board on UART 7

2. UART 7 Rx is configured with DMA circular_buffer[128]

3. The message is processed - see the attached file from an remote STM32F446 that is communicating with the Discovery

4. A time stamp + processed message is displayed on the screen

4. Discovery board is sending on TX (configured with DMA normal mode) the message "I received" + received message

5. Time stamp + sent message is displayed on the screen

6. The board will be set up to use 2Mb of memory for GUI memory

7. Code shall be commented for understanding

8. The code will be shared here so other can benefit from it


Who is interested in this task can send me a private message with the cost for the task.

For many of you this is a simple task, but i started to get frustrated due to lack of documentation.


Thank you