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STEVAL-IHM029V1 current limiting feature

Question asked by bluecat on Oct 9, 2013
Hi all,

I am testing some features of the STEVAL-IHM029V1 development board, and reviewing the firmware I am kind of new on STM8 micro-controllers so I am giving it a try, but I am familiar with PICs micros. I was reviewing the firmware and I was having some trouble trying to compile the code with the STVD and the cosmic compiler, but finally I did it.While I am testing the STEVAL-IHM029V1 connected to a motor I  noticed that at lower power levels like 1, 2, and 3, the board stop working while applying load on the motor, I connect some meters and an oscilloscope to see the wave forms , and I notice that the triac is no giving enough current at those levels (1, 2, 3),. Does anyone can help me to improve this on software or maybe on hardware to make the triac give more current at lower levels while a load is being applied to the motor?. I am trying to incorporated a current limiting feature into this board, Does anyone knows a easy and quicker way to do it?.

Thanks in advance.