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The BEMF of L6480

Question asked by chris song on Nov 14, 2017
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The BEMF of L6480 and SPINFamily Evaluation Tool 

Hi All

      Now I use STEVAL-PCC009V2 and EVAL-6480H to driver stepper motor by using the SPINFamily Evaluation Tool.   

 Now BEMF configuration has 5 application parameters: Vs, Holding current, Acceleration target current,Deceleration target current, Running target current @ xxxx step/s. If I use a motor which rated voltage is 24V and rated current is 4.2A/phase, how I configure the Running target current @ xxxx step/s?

More BEMF configuration has 3 Motor parameters: Ke, motor resistance, motor inductance. The 3 parameter and Vs(L6480 supply voltage and other application parameters) define the ST_SLP, FN_SLP_ACC, FN_SLP_DEC,INT_SPEED. These 4 value can be adjusted by user or produced by application parameters and motor parameters?


Now I find a interesting phenomenon: if i don't use BEMF function, I could drive motor at 800 step/s fine,but the motor run  at speed above 800 step/s isn't well. And I couln't drive motor run at speed 1500 step/s. If I use BEMF function, I couldn't drive  motor at 800 step/s.and I couldn't drive motor run at speed 1500 step/s also. I want to know what speed is low speed and what speed is high speed?

 Thanks everyone to give some advice.



Chris Song